Thursday, July 30, 2009

upstairs, downstairs

I know it's been a while... again. I've got that same awful feeling about this blog that I get when I forget to write to elderly relatives; the ones that don't do e-mail.

There's been a lot going on. I guess I would rather be too busy with house projects than have all the time in world to blog, but that doesn't make for interesting reading.

I recently traded an old dresser for a new-ish 10" Jet Table saw. I'd call it a good trade!

Problem is that this is one of those Norm Abram heavy heavy cabinet saws. The thing took 3 strong guys to get out of the back of a big pickup. (one of these guys could probably have picked me up and thrown me over the fence with one hand) The thing weighs about 600-700 lbs... I need it in the basement. God bless our narrow staircase, but it's just a little too narrow, which means that I need to take the table off of the table saw and carry them down separately.

While on the subject of power tools, here's my new favorite site:
I have a couple of things to make from this site.

There's also a new firepit in the back yard, some old street-paver garden edging and about 1000lbs of flagstone for a patio. But not for this weekend... nooooo, this weekend I start the DRYWALL!! I'll be finishing up the holes made by the new addition, framing a ceiling and insulating while simultaneously stipping the paint and wall paper from the 1st and 2nd story hallways.

Oh for the endless weekend of house work :) Pictures will follow shortly, I just can't justify using my lunchbreak for both blogging AND uploading.

take care all

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