Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Portable jungle speak out

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Hey, look what happened to my window garden! These plants are so great. They only bloom in dry periods, so winter works out perfect. The quick evaporation from the furnace vent gives them just the right climate to send up a bloom. It's funny but plants like the orchid (the little yellow one) tend to bloom when they think they might die. But this one does it every year this time (sometimes earlier).

So, even if mother nature has decided it has to be cold for another week, at least I have spring inside :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


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So despite all the going on with the outside of the house there's not too much happening (anymore) on the inside. Brent and Brian (the dynamic duo!) moved the original door to center it on the new peak of the back gable.

Because of the size of the roof and the sheer weight of the addition they needed to put in 18 inch laminated valley beams... hence the big ick cutting through the ceiling. It actually will work out, since that will likely frame in the top of an opening to a storage nook... Think archival storage... I'm a collector AND a curator.. it's a perfect marriage of interest and business :)

Also, the hole on the ceiling to the right side of the pic... this will MAYBE end up being the coolest thing in the world. I'm hoping to open up a hole, frame it nicely with oak and run a library ladder up to it thus creating the coolest guest bed in the WORLD. And on the other side, you can use the ladder to access the attic space.

It's all still developing. Keep an eye out to see how things progress (slowly...)

Monday, March 2, 2009

New addition is done!

New addition is done!
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Attention, Men and Women, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages!!

The addition (and the outside 2nd floor restoration and the basement supports to level the floor etc) is done! On the outside. They did a great job and I would like to officially recommend Plekkenpol Builders. Friendly, SKILLED, honest etc etc. We worked with Keith, Flynn, Brent and Brian and would recommend them highly.

Now we just need to finish the inside and paint the trim. Don't know what color that will be. Any suggestions??