Friday, July 31, 2009

my word

As promised here is a pic of the back yard. A year ago this was a muddy pile of dead shrubs. After regrading the yard, ripping up 5 inches of gravel with plastic under it (no wonder all the shrubs died, they had no water!) adding a rain swayle that runs into a dry pond with native plants.... *deep breath* a series of rainbarrels and two raised veggie gardens made with lumber reclaimed from behind all the neighbors garages... here is it! happily producing tomatoes, basil, ground cherries, squash and about a billion big chili peppers.

The brick edging is actually made of old St. Paul city street pavers. They weigh about 15 lbs each, so when the dog zooms around the yard they will stay put!

More to come soon! Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

upstairs, downstairs

I know it's been a while... again. I've got that same awful feeling about this blog that I get when I forget to write to elderly relatives; the ones that don't do e-mail.

There's been a lot going on. I guess I would rather be too busy with house projects than have all the time in world to blog, but that doesn't make for interesting reading.

I recently traded an old dresser for a new-ish 10" Jet Table saw. I'd call it a good trade!

Problem is that this is one of those Norm Abram heavy heavy cabinet saws. The thing took 3 strong guys to get out of the back of a big pickup. (one of these guys could probably have picked me up and thrown me over the fence with one hand) The thing weighs about 600-700 lbs... I need it in the basement. God bless our narrow staircase, but it's just a little too narrow, which means that I need to take the table off of the table saw and carry them down separately.

While on the subject of power tools, here's my new favorite site:
I have a couple of things to make from this site.

There's also a new firepit in the back yard, some old street-paver garden edging and about 1000lbs of flagstone for a patio. But not for this weekend... nooooo, this weekend I start the DRYWALL!! I'll be finishing up the holes made by the new addition, framing a ceiling and insulating while simultaneously stipping the paint and wall paper from the 1st and 2nd story hallways.

Oh for the endless weekend of house work :) Pictures will follow shortly, I just can't justify using my lunchbreak for both blogging AND uploading.

take care all