Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who wouldn't want Less for More...? Huh?

So, ever have this happen:

Grilling away, in the backyard or where ever and 'poof', out of gas. Kinda sucks. Well get used to it, because the Home Depot (and others) has decided to put LESS GAS in their tanks WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE! (this links to the Star Trib/Associate Press article) So be prepared to pay more for less... 'There have been no customer complaints, spokeswoman Jean Niemi said.'

Well, I filed one. And if this sort of ticks you off, you can too:

Consider this the first complaint regarding the reduction in fuel in
the Home Depot propane tanks. It's hard for consumers to file
complaints when they are not informed of changes to products that can
not be easily identified. I'll be giving my propane business to
retailers who are more transparent about their products and services
and changes made to them.



Well, maybe this is all a product of too much sun today and not enough sleep, but whatever.... oooh, now I feel better :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photo Tour

Well, The house is starting to shape up, though you'd never know it looking at it. The gardens are going (pics tonight) and the reseeding of the back lawn that the contractors mushed is almost done.

But I wanted to post links to the reno/resto photos. I'm working today so what I can do with galleries is limited, but I'll see what I can do. In the mean time here:

I'll put some more up here soo (like in the next day or two)

A quick history of the house: built in 1928 just before the market really crashed. A couple of months ago a kind realtor sent me the house abstract... and it appears that there have been a number of foreclosures on this poor house, in 1929 and recently (Not us!! Don't worry). It's interesting to see how little times have changed.

The place is a little atypical for Minneapolis. 3 Bedrooms (2 big ones upstairs) with 8 foot ceilings. Double lot to fill with gardens, and a very pointy roof. So much so that I have decided that we're really got a cottage (when compared with actual bungalow) BUT the name stays... I figure in this part of the city, it's a lifestyle rather than a type :)

Discovered soon after buying the place that all the woodwork on the 1st floor is Oak, which the previous house flipper/moron painted white... Using no less than 3 coats of exterior enamel. I've only begun the removal process.

The addition that went up, which I designed, filled out an existing space to create room for a bathroom (upstairs! Yah!). The work also allwed us to pull off the aluminum siding (Death by Alumicide as Stucco House would say!) and restore the bargeboards and ORIGINAL PATTERN cedar shingles all around the house.

Next on the list: Old fashioned gutters on the way (literally in the mail now!) to put together with Rain Barrels from Metro Blooms. Rip out nasty vinyl wall paper on first floor and get back to plaster and paint. Heat gun the whole dang place!! At least on the first floor where it's oak. Frame out and insulate the addition BEFORE NOVEMBER!!!

That's a big nutshell for the story, but there you go...

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Hope you enjoy the tour!