Sunday, April 26, 2009



I took another look and see now that the official time for the neighborhood garage sale is SATURDAY: 8AM-2PM Just saturday... which works just fine for me. I guess I will get up early and open up at 8 :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bring the Wagon!

My blogging has been truncated as of late... but I do have an announcement in between all this work.

There will be a massive Neighborhood Garage Sale next weekend, May 2nd and 3rd. It will be in Northrop Neighborhood, in the area of 46th and Cedar Avenue. (sounds like much of the activity will be to the North West of that intersection)

I've been cleaning, cleaning CLEANING trying to get as much stuff together as possible. As it stands I have a substantial pile of clothing and stuff. I will be adding a Gas Burning Fireplace insert, a couple of maple cabinet doors that have been stripped down (see a previous post) and STORM WINDOWS... since the PO's of my home decided to rip out all the hardware. A twin bed (two of them)/dresser set (from the 1930's) and a set of chairs that came from my great grandmothers beauty parlor in the St Paul Hotel from 1940. We'll see what else we can dig up... There may be a cat added to the pile if she doesn't stop waking me up at 4am to eat.

I would imagine that there will be a few people looking for deals EARLY in the am next weekend... but I will open the garage at 9am...

If you're into the garage/yard sale thing it's probably going to be a big deal.. there are SEVERAL homes within a couple blocks that are going to participate. I think that some of them are pretty serious about this stuff :) Probably a number of plants.. so bring your cash, a good eye and your wagon (warm it up for the Friend School Plant Sale)